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Devon Faith and Beleif Forum

DFBF brings together people from different faith and belief traditions to build a better society through promoting good relations, encouraging better understanding and developing stronger bonds between our communities

Registered Charity Number 1148839

Latest News and Festivals

International Women's Day Event - 8th March 2014


Religion, Spirituality & ...?

Three evening talks in Feb 2014

Religion, Spirituality & Evolution

A Sense of Transcendence

How evolutionary psychology can enhance

our understanding of spirituality

by Richard Skinner

on Thursday 13th Feb

Religion, Spirituality & Art

Meaning-Making through Art

The context and reception of Bobbie Cox's "Pieces of Light" tapestry in St Stephen's

by Alison Goodlad

on Thursday 20th Feb

Religion, Spirituality & Music

The Dancing Night of the Soul

How music as diverse as plainsong and punk

can help us pray

by Andrew Godsall

on Thursday 27th Feb


7.30pm in St Stephen's Church, Exeter